When I renew my dotprintables.com membership will my login information change?

Your dotprintables.com member User Name and Password will remain the same when you renew, if you have renewed properly.

If you were sent a new user name and password this means you created a new account rather than renewing your old account. Please contact technical support so we can fix this and you can then access your previously printed documents. Here is the technical support email id: support@dotprintables.com

Why doesn’t your support team reply to my e-mails?

We have probably tried! We answer every e-mail sent to us within 24 hours. usually within 6 hours. People often have problems with their e-mail accounts and don't know it.

If you are currently using an Internet e-mail service (hotmail, yahoo, msn, etc.), make sure that you are not over quota for your mail storage. When using these services, failure to completely delete old mail can result in additional mail being blocked. Check your SPAM or Junk Mail for emails from us and if you find them there, please add dotprintables.com to your Allowable Mail List.

When I print some worksheets they do not fit properly on the page. Any suggestions for that?

When you are ready to print, you may have to request the setting of the Printer Box to "fit printer to margins" OR "fit to paper" (or similar words on your printer box). You find this after you click on Print button above Worksheet. (don't use your printer icon to print)

When your print box appears, look to the bottom, left side of the box you should see the words: 'Page Handling' and within that section you should see a white box with a pull down arrow next to the words 'Page Scaling'. The word in that box may say 'none' or something else. Click on the pull down arrow to change that setting so the box then reads: "Fit to Printer Margins" or "Fit to Paper" (this is in Page Scaling).

There should also be a checkmark in the "auto-rotate and center" box just below Page Scaling. This should fix the problem.

If you continue to have problems after using this help session, Email at: support@dotprintables.com

I can view documents without any problems, but when I try to print them, I only get a blank page?

If you can view dotprintables.com worksheet without any problems, but have trouble printing them, most likely you are having a problem with your printer.

First, close all open programs on your computer and turn off your Computer and your Printer for 5 minutes. Let's see if it is a driver error problem. When the 5 minutes is over, turn on the Computer first, followed immediately by turning on the Printer. They must 'both start together', that part is very, very, important that they both start together. Shutting down both units dumps the old printer junk and resets the drivers to the computer.

When the computer is finished loading, try printing another worksheets, just one page.

If you are still having problems after that email dotprintables.com support. We will have to get some additional information from you. Let us know what type of Operating System you have (ie: Windows XP, Windows Vista, MAC or something else).

Can I "Save" a document to refer back to at a later time?

Yes you can save in your account by clicking on like button of above worksheets and view it later.

When looking in your dotprintables.com account left menu you will notice a word “My Favourites", Click on that and you can print your saved document.


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